Fashion Shoot for an Ethically Produced Company

Our coffee was fair trade.

Our snacks were sustainably farmed. 

Our crew were our friends. 

And I don't know how many times we jokingly yelled "NO MOODY SHOTS!!!"


The vibe we were trying to create was centered around our campaign "choose beauty". 

We wanted to highlight that fair trade and ethically sourced fashion doesn't have to be sob stories of poor people working their hands bloody. We wanted to showcase what it means when a company like ours chooses beauty every step of the way!

This is where people are normal and their lives are valued. 

Our designer is incredible. Our seamstresses are normal people who really like their job. Our models are our friends. They are healthy and lovely because of the joy they carry. 


If you look at our Instagram account @brookescollective or in March when we launch our online catalogue you will see the atmosphere we are trying to inspire. Not of guilt buys or mercy projects or styles that are consistent with many fair trade fashion brands, but actual on-trend beautiful fashion that was produced by people who have been valued - fashion you can wear and be proud of at every level!


So, we tried to create that same vibe on at our photo shoot! There was chatting and lots of coffee drinking. We went to beautiful places around our city and drank more coffee. We hung out at an amazing Air B&B and had loud girl music.


We will do TONS of stuff different for next seasons photoshoot, but it was so much fun to learn as much as we did. It was an amazing collaboration of different women (and two husbands) bringing their gifts and strengths to create something beautiful! Which is EXACTLY who we want to be and what we want to invite each and every person to be a part of!


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