Our Story

Hello friends!

Brookes Collective was founded by two sisters living on different continents. Kate lives in a suburb of Dallas, Texas called Mckinney. Kimberly lives in a village close to Cape Town, South Africa called Muizenberg.

One day as they were talking on the phone, they began chatting about fashion; what fits well, where to find beautiful pieces, and most importantly: how could they ever afford a sustainable and ethically sourced closet?

The sisters decided it shouldn’t be this difficult to buy beautiful clothes while at the same time valuing human life. It should not have to be one or another. This is the point in the conversation where one sister suggested they figure out a way to do it themselves (each sister continues to take credit for suggesting it first). They were not shocked to find out that it was indeed a challenge, but a challenge they felt was worth fighting for. Sustainable fashion should not just be for the elite, and they were determined to find a way for ethically produced fashion to find it’s way into the home of any person desiring to value human life!

These sisters were overjoyed to find a manufacturers who hold tight to the same values.

And so Brookes Collective was created.  We are a woman’s clothing brand that seeks to elevate the movement of sustainable clothing and ethical awareness. We live in a world of fast fashion at the expense of human dignity and sustaining our planet. Brooke’s Collective aims to step in and not only produce beautiful clothing that is both ethical and sustainable, but also sets out to be the example of a business that doesn’t only cater to the elite but is inclusive of the population with less expendable income.

 We have created something remarkable and are proud to invite you into the movement!


Welcome to the movement that is going to change the world!