Our Story

Hello friends!

We are the founders of Brookes Collective. We are sisters living on two different continents; Kate in a suburb of Dallas, Texas called McKinney and Kimberly in a small village in Northern Ireland. 

We have always loved fashion and it has been a topic in our relationship since we were young.  We love talking about what fits well, where to find beautiful pieces, and most importantly: do the companies use ethical practices in their manufacturing and beyond? It is hard to find answers as a consumer and many times that question left us spinning our wheels in our efforts to shop responsibly. 

We decided it shouldn’t be this difficult to buy beautiful clothes while at the same time valuing human life - it should not have to be one or the other, so we decided to do it ourselves! We were overjoyed to find manufacturers who held tight to the same values as us and we began production in Cape Town, South Africa. We are so proud to offer our beautiful designs while knowing first hand the women who stiched each piece of clothing.

Our journey in ethical fashion has been a challenge, of course, but a challenge we feel is worth fighting for. Not only did we want to create an ethical and beautiful clothing line that was for the, "everyday" woman, but we wanted to make it accessible to many.  We were determined to find a way to produce ethical fashion that can make its way into the home of any person desiring to value human life!

We live in a world of fast fashion at the expense of human dignity. Brookes Collective has created something remarkable and we are proud to invite you to the movement!  

Welcome to the movement that is going to change the world!