Working Through the First Line

 So, we are starting a clothing line, right? Yup. Kimberly and I decided to do that on a whim. Does that make us sound crazy? Well, if you think that you would be right. We were on the phone one day talking through boots. BOOTS! The article of fashion that started us on this path. Be sure to ask Kimberly to show you a pic of her boots that started this all. But that’s truly how it started. And I say “whim” but what I really mean is this wasn’t an idea that was rolling around in our heads for years. The idea of fair-trade fashion was something so inspiring and so exciting that it wouldn’t leave our thoughts after the initial phone call. We kept calling each other all day long with other ideas and inspirations and the more we talked the more we thought it was worth a shot. So, there we go, day 1 of Brookes Collective.


Here’s the thing, we knew we wanted to start a business where everyone involved is treated fairly. And we knew the fashion industry was one that needed to see change. And that’s about it. We needed to sit down and go over the nitty gritty. So, we did. We talked for hours on the phone over the next few weeks and both of us have admitted to lying in bed at night unable to sleep because our brains were going on over drive dreaming about what we could do with a company such as Brookes Collective.


One of the first items of business; if we are able to roll out a new line, when would we launch? If we are launching in fall we have a winter line but can we get it done in time? That’s a hard NO. We needed to give ourselves more time…spring/summer it is! And when is the best time to sell Spring/Summer? Is it March 2nd? I sure hope so, because that’s where we landed, (go mark your calendar for our launch now and then come back to finish reading!). What does a Spring/Summer line consist of? In my frame of reference, it’s short sleeve and breezy tops with light fabrics. Anything else in the heat of Texas is torture. TORTURE!!! I lived in Phoenix before we moved to the Dallas area. It’s the same. Less is more in Phoenix in the summer when it comes to your clothes. But guess what? There’s a lot of different climates we have to keep in mind! I was only thinking through my own lens of summer wear. And this, my friends is why it is so lovely to work with your sister who kept reminding me there are plenty of locations that would want and even need a light weight sweater for the Spring/Summer collection. Adding a piece like that would also diversify the line. I love my sister and she is so smart.


This is how it has gone through this last year as we have talked through the little details that you don’t know even exist before signing up to start a business. What products to offer, how many items to provide, how many of each size do we keep in stock. Projecting as a starting clothing line is no joke – this is hard stuff! And there have most definitely been disagreements and misunderstandings along the way, but it has been so amazing to be able to use both of our brains to work through the nitty gritty and have the support from one another. We are learning as we go and it has been magical to be a part of something we are so passionate about.


So, if you are a summer sweater kinda gal, you have Kimberly to thank for that. If you are a flowy short sleeve person – don’t worry, I’ve got your back!

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