Why South Africa

Why South Africa?


It’s so so beautiful. That’s not helpful is it?

But seriously, google it.

Google: Cape Town.


It’s the highest discrepancies between rich and poor then anywhere else in the world.


It’s this wild juxtapose between raw beauty, and extreme poverty, colors, diversity, racial tensions, immigration, the best food you’ve ever tasted, highest rape rate in the world, nicest place in the world for kids to have a melt down because everyone just smiles and gives you the “I get you” nod.


There are 9 official languages. 9.

What?! And that’s official ones, so don’t even get me started on how I suck at identifying them past the three I know best!


It’s a gateway into Africa.


I live here. It’s a huge reason why here. I have lived here almost 10 years. After my husband and I met and got married we traveled for a year and the whole time my heart ached for this place. Luckily I am married to this incredible man that although he had never stepped foot in this country or city he felt that deep ache that is indescribable unless you have felt, heard, and experienced this place (he’s special and so he primitively knew it was going to be magical).


This is a place of deep wisdom, pain, and forgiveness. It’s a country trying to figure out who they are after years of oppressive systems. They call it ‘a new South Africa’ after it’s 1994 re-birth. It’s a country that is capable of great and mighty things, things that can change the world. This country has so much to offer and we want to be a small part of sharing what these incredible people have to offer our greater world!


We will be eventually branching out of South Africa, but this will always be our touchstone, a place we learn from and remind ourselves of what beauty really looks and feels like!

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