Why People Who Shop Fair-Trade are Happiest!


What’s that golden rule again?


Empowering people is awesome. Doing things with purpose is awesome. Being a part of a movement that bring justice…it’s awesome.


So, why are people who buy fair trade happier than the average consumer? Because, they’ve spent their money is a way that empowers those who directly impact their own life with the creation of clothes! People that buy fair-trade can sleep well knowing their money have gone into the pockets of incredible artisans.


People who buy fair trade have a global awareness that allows them to see the wide world for what it is, a global village that continues to grow more and more closely connected! The world as it exists now has never been. Our ability to travel, sell, and buy globally has created a whole new system of how we do consumerism.


People who buy fair trade look at that new system and with the eyes of one who knows their shopping habits matter, and say

“I am making a difference!”

Because, my friends, they are.


And that is why they are happier. They are not ignorant to the problems that persist, they are not without empathy for the broken systems that still exist, but they powerfully aware that their choices are embracing our new way of life. Their choices are molding these new global systems to ones that are about empowerment and appreciation for peoples work!


That my friends, is something worth being happy about!


Feel free to join them. It’s a beautiful thing.




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