Why is Fashion a Women's Right Issue?

Why is Fashion a Women's Right Issue?
Women in the United States and most of the world have fought a long hard battle to win our rights to things like:
  • The right counted as a full person 
  • The right to vote
  • The right to own land (and therefore incur wealth to pass to our children)
  • The right to work
  • The right to equal pay
  • and on and on we've worked hard for these rights!
It is something we should be proud of! Humanity can't value itself until each person is valued! The strong brave Women who have gone before us should be celebrated and appreciated!

How then do we buy clothes that undermine the value of women on the other side of the world? How do drive, vote, work without even considering it something worth celebrating? These relatively new rights have become common place to us! While at the same time our shopping behavior is continuing to condemn women in oppressive situations to keep their mouths shut and their eyes down around the world. 

These women that are making our clothes, whose daughters are making our clothes, whose lives revolve around too many hours at unsafe working space that day after day strips them of their dignity -  how do we value them?
I believe with our shopping we can value them! We can celebrate our victories and champion them as they claim victories of their own!
To do this requires us to care about who makes our clothes! To use our consumer power to vote for the kind of economy that values women and their work!
We  at Brooke Collective want you to celebrate with us as the men and women who make our clothes are valued, appreciated, and championed!
Let us celebrate together the victories of equality!!!

Let us shop like that's true!


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