Why Choose Brookes Collective?

Why Choose Brookes Collective?


Have you asked yourself why you should buy from Brookes Collective?

We’d like to give you a couple reasons if you don’t mind this very obvious self-promotion! If you keep reading you’ll see why we don’t see it that way!


  1. Our people are valued. The artisans that create our clothes come from manufactures that we’ve partnered with because of relationship and shared values of more than just ‘paying well’ but truly valuing each person. By buying into Brookes Collective, you are buying into the idea that each person is work investing into.
  2. Our love of empowerment! Through our jewelry and into the future our other accessories are made with organizations and artisan groups that come from or are experiencing high risk backgrounds. We are not there as a ‘helping hand’ but a platform for these individuals to thrive and share with the world what they have to offer! And in doing so, they are creating a different story from the one they have been told their life would be!
  3. Our commitment to continued growth! As we learn, we change - we grow. In this coming line we’ve invested heavily into this farm to closet concept focusing primarily on South African farmers. From seed to seam you will be proud of what you are putting on your body!
  4. Our commitment to you! We see you. We see the consumer power you have, and we want to help facilitate your use of you significant power to be a part of the solution! We believe you have the power to bring true and lasting change to how our currently global economic systems stand! Right now the global fashion industry is propped up by the continual use of slaves, we can demand more, we can demand different, we can demand change!


So, you see friends, this is something so much more! Come join the movement! This is something beautiful!


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