Work Space Dignity

     There is this whole movement of: "who made my clothes," have you heard of it or seen it? 

If you are instagram, search: #whomademyclothes

     It's amazing! It is an Australian based initiative that is fighting against fast fashion or fashion that devalues human life and pollutes this world for a clothing piece that will last a wash or two before you throw it out. 
Kate (my sister and partner at Brookes Collective) and I have thought and pondered on this concept a lot. We strongly hold the belief that human life is valuable. It's one of the main motivations of why we started our company as the fashion industry is one of the largest abusers of human life and polluters of our earth. 
We say no thank you to that nonsense! 
     The ideas of fast fashion, fair trade, global economic healing are such large and complex issues. It's easy to be lost and caught up in the big picture. And although the big picture is wildly important we think the details are equally as important. 
Workspace dignity is not  a topic we had heard widely discusses. What does it mean? Who is to hold the standard? For us it is about how would we treat the people that we; trust enough to make our product, that we value their create input, and value them as humans? What would the people who match that description look like? Well for us that's easy, because that's our manufacturer @sparrowsociety
While most fashion companies can barely tell you what country they are producing in, it's vital that Brookes Collective doesn't just know what country or city (Cape Town, South Africa) but we know the individuals themselves and that their work space environment is one we can be proud of. 
     Our crew get plenty of breaks, are in a well lit studio, are paid a livable wage (in a country that doesn't require it), are empowered with educational opportunities, and encouraged regularly on their creative talents. We are so proud to be partnered with a manufacturing company that shares our same values ( and have worked hard to build relationship with the full-timers because we love them, but also so they are more comfortable to share their creative input (which is ALWAYS amazing!). 
     Workspace dignity is not often spoken about but livable wage shouldn't be our only standard for what we call "fair trade" or "ethically sourced". Human beings should be empowered and emboldened towards growth and a future worth having and the space they spend all their working hours being present in should matter. 

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