When it's Time to Say Goodbye...

Happy New Year's!


The New Year represents a fresh start, right? For many people this means, "spring cleaning" or some other way to reorganize your house and life. And one place that many people start is their closet. So that begs the question:


How to responsibly get rid of clothes you don’t want anymore?



A survey discovered that the average American will toss out 81 pounds of clothing this year. That amount to 26 billion pounds of textiles ending up in landfills.


With a lot of fast fashion companies using textiles that decompose at a rate of centuries due to the plastic and artificial chemicals used, we are looking at a lot of polluting waste!


So with those ideas in mind, what do we do if we are ABSOLUTELY over an item of clothing? How do we responsibility pair down our closet? How do get rid of that present that they won’t let you return?


Here are a few suggestions:

 -Recycle your clothes to be made in new clothes

  • Upside: yay for you for giving your clothes some
  • Downside: generally only clothing made out of 100% natural fabrics can actually be recycled
  • Earth911.com is a resource that can help you make good choices about recycling well!
-Sell your clothes online!
  • Make some money
  • www.threadup.com is a great option!
  • Share the goodness (or weirdness)
-Repair your clothes
  • Yes, this only works if the problem is you like your item but it has a hole or a button missing! However, if that is true youtube a video or two and learn a new skill!
-Host a clothing swap party
  • One ladies trash is another’s ladies new favorite!

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