What is the Solution to Human Trafficking?

I worked in the counter-human trafficking field for 12 years and ran an international counter-trafficking NGO for 9 years. 


Asking myself (and everyone around me) how we can end human trafficking was a constant for many years. 


Human trafficking is what we now call modern day slavery. For which there is estimated 21-23 million slaves currently in the world today.


How do we change that? It seems like too big of a number to actually individually be able to do anything?


At this point in the blog (if you are new to Brookes Collective) you may be asking yourselves: "Why is a fashion company so concerned about Human Trafficking?"


We believe that fashion can be one (of the many necessary and complex) solutions to ending the trade of human life. Brookes Collective women get their consumer power and are willing to wield it to stand up for those that would be exploited. 


Fashion is hugely complicit in using slaves and exploiting humans to more easily create larger profit margins. This entire industry as it stands now could not exist if we were to value human life. 


That's heavy news if it's new to you.


But never fear! You can be a part of the solution!


If instead of continuing to allow this broken system to continue and instead of continuing to buy into this system by contributing financially, you can choose to invest into companies that believe in another way!


How you spend your money will contribute to the kind of economic systems you deem 'good'. 


If you spend your money for an economic system (aka shopping!!!) that values human life by spending your money with companies that value the people who produce your clothes you are creating an entirely new economic system that is powerfully demanding justice!


Go you, go!!! Spend your money and fight for justice our friends!!! 



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