Things are All Coming Together...Or They Aren't.

Building a business is all new territory for Kimberly and I. Remember, this was a pipe dream exactly one year ago. It all started with some boots. Kimberly wanted these beautiful new boots that we decided together were a lot of money but well worth it because of what the company stood for and the quality product that was not considered fast fashion. (Someday in our memoirs the cover will be of those boots.) We decided we could do this - we will build an ethical clothing line.

Seriously, how hard could it be? 

Luckily we work together better than we could have imagined, so we are actually going to be able to pull this off. And things are all coming together....or they aren't. We will see in 11 short days! You heard that right, ELEVEN days until Brookes Collective launches their first ever Spring/Summer line! 

Let me set the stage for you. Last week Kimberly and I created our to-do list. This list is long. Very, very long. A lot of the list consists of things we are needing to learn as we go. Items that we need significant help with. Items that require packing a lot of clothes into as few bags as possible...I mean, this is a labor of love and we sure hope you feel the love when you purchase our clothes! 

When BC first came into our collective mind we had all sorts of thoughts swirling through our minds. Don't worry, we had plenty of thoughts about fashion show, photo shoots, investors lining up to back us. That's what kept us up at night one year ago. Now what is keeping us up at night? Well it's not nearly as fun or exciting, but unfortunately/fortunately it is what is going to make BC run smoothly. Now I am laying in bed at night thinking about when our thermal printer will arrive, when to do our practice shipping, how I could have misspelled were/where on our marketing, how many more hangers do I need to buy. The nitty-gritty.

Do you know what excites me most about this phase? It means we had the tenacity to get to this point. When we have wanted to throw in the towel and move on from BC we have hung on to our desire to see our fair-trade clothing line through. We have been able to support each other through frustrations and bumps along the way. And best of all? We have grown together in our relationship. Kimberly and I are sisters and we have been best friends for years, (maybe not so much when we shared a room as kids) but now as business partners we truly have a new appreciation for each other.

So when we were recapping this very morning about what we have been able to accomplish on our to-do list, Kimberly said, "Things are all coming together!" and I responded, "or not, we will see when we launch!" because this is new. And this is a learning experience for us. And we promise you won't be disappointed but behind the scenes might be a little crazy. And that's OK. Because so are we. 


  • I am sosososo excited for launch! I cannot wait and I am so amazed and impressed with you guys and your tenacity and hearts. Love you!

  • I absolutely love this Kate! So proud of you & Kimberly and am in awe of your hearts, your dedication and your talents. ❤️

    Stephanie Murk
  • So scary and exciting too. Love hearing about your love for each other and how you both are growing closer to each other. One hears about all the horror stories about working with family, but you both seem to have a good grasp on this and are keeping it real and honest with each other. I’m so proud of you both for seeing this through and not giving up! Ii would have gone screaming with all the things involved, it boggles the mind. It shows your strength and tenacity. I can’t wait to hear all about the launch and all the fun you will have. Sending up prayers for all of you. Ooxx

    Karen stephens

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