The Texas Tuck

When I put on a shirt I love to have options. If you have been following along on this blog or with Brookes Collective at all then you know we love to have options with our clothing! Versatility is our love language and the Texas Tuck adds one more way to mix things up while STYLING!

Some of you may be asking what the Texas Tuck is; well I am here to share with you! We are using the beautiful Eve in our Brookes Collective Perfect V as an example! 

Perfect V untucked

Eve looks great with the capped sleeves and length in the Perfect V. I like how the hemline goes out slightly at the hips to create the curvy feel of the shirt. Wearing the shirt untucked and in it's natural form, shall we say (?) sits at a nice length. This look is nice with a statement necklace to add more dimension. 

Perfect V Tucked

In this image we have Eve wearing the same Perfect V but we have tucked it into a skirt. The first look, untucked, had the ability to be styled a bit more casual if that was the desired look. Tucking the Perfect V in completely elevates the level of dressiness to this top. I love this top paired with our pencil skirt! She could also wear a statement necklace with this look but it feels very classy with only a simple chain necklace and perhaps a fun bag or bracelet. 

Texas Tuck in the Perfect V

I love this photo - Eve is working it and having so much fun on the waterfront in Cape Town! In this style Eve is wearing the Perfect V with the Texas Tuck. See how she has it slightly tucked in to one side and has the rest of the shirt hanging out? Asymmetry always has a place in design and fashion! And what I love most about the Texas Tuck is it's ability to give shape to a shirt - defining where your waist is without making the outfit too formal. Don't get me wrong, I like the Texas Tuck in formal situations as well, but I feel like you can dress it up or down - there's always a place for the Texas Tuck!  

Shop the Perfect V HERE and show us your favorite way to style it! 

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