Styling an Oversized Sweater

We love oversized and comfy- nothing feels better than being bundled up, especially in the colder months! So pull out your oversized sweaters and lets style them!

What's great about a neutral oversized cardigan? It can be layered with nearly everything! And of course, Kimberly and I are a little impartial to the; 

I wish you could hear how I say's a really sing-songy way because it makes me feel so happy! When Kimberly and I first started the design process for this sweater we had vision of cozy and oversized and warm and perfect and our knit manufacturers delivered!!! 

This sweater has been bought by people who dress it up with leggings and a pair of statement flats or who have an upcoming surgery and just want something oversized and cozy they can wear around the house and. I love this sweater for both and you will too!

Look #1

Kimberly has worn the grandpa sweater over the top of an already put together look of a chambray top and dark denim. She popped this on as a layered look that is cozy and winter chic. 

Look #2

Kimberly is ready to be out and about on a chilly day. She is wearing her sweater with leggings for a relaxed and chill vibe but brings a pop of style with her bold color on her reverse-v neck top and leopard print flats.

Look #3

We love how adorable Emily from the Honest Consumer has dressed up our Grandpa Sweater with a statement necklace! She looks perfect for a day at the office or coffee with girls friends!

How will you style your oversized cardigan this winter?

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