Styling the Brookes Collective Reverse V Oatmeal Sweater

Hello!!! Thank you so much for coming back to check out more, "mini-reveals" from Brookes Collective! I hope you have been following the last few weeks as we have showcased the Brookes Collective original pieces and some styling ideas. If not, no fear! You can go back and read about a few of them here and here. 


Today we are introducing you to our Reverse V Oatmeal Sweater! This casual and light weight slouchy sweater is a must have and is already creating a lot of buzz because of it's comfy fabric, fit and look. If you know me at all you know how I like to mix things up. So keep reading to see how I have styled this amazing sweater in three different ways for completely different occasions. 



Hi. This is me. Just living it up during our photoshoot in Cape Town in the most beautiful Air B&B imaginable!! (Check out our instagram page for more images from the photoshoot!). OK, down to business...


Look #1



We are going to start out with our very casual look - because we can all relate to that, right? I've put the sweater together with cut off shorts; perfect for a summer evening hanging out with friends. Throw on some sandals or slides and you are almost done! I probably sounds like a broken record here, but I firmly believe accessorizing with jewelry and bags is a simple way to transform an outfit and make it more unique and versatile. AND I find it more simple to find out where our jewelry comes from and under what conditions it was created so we can make informed and conscientious decisions! The same shirt could be worn with three unique necklaces and have a completely different vibe. Keep that in mind! With this casual outfit I chose a layered gold necklace and more simple earrings because we aren't trying to get to fancy. Add a cross body bag and you are set! 


Look #2



I have lived in an [extreme] warm climate since I was 19 years old. The idea of a summer sweater with pants - even leggings, sounds HOT to me! But I know many of you have cooler evenings in the spring and summer and so this look would be perfect! I also believe this top will transition well into the cooler months. So here is our moderately casual outfit. Leggings; because the length of the summer sweater is the perfect and sandals because, summer. The jewelry presents the outfit in a more formal look. The statement necklace will stand out and the earrings will bring a pop of interest as well. Throw on a pair of heels in lieu of the sandals and you just made yourself fancy! 


Look #3



Black. It's my favorite. I like to get fancy wearing black. Do you? There's something so classy and dressy about it. Well the summer sweater is a taupe color so I thought adding black to the outfit makes it feel more dressy. The top is wide at the neck so layering it with a tank or even a lacy bralette will add a lot of interest. I picked a black statement necklace and animal print flats. This transitions the sweater very nicely to an evening out! 


It's not too tricky to get creative with this top, right? Let us know what ways you would like to style our Summer Sweater! 

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