Styling the Brookes Collective Sheath Dress

The little black dress.

Raise your hand if you have your go-to?? (insert raised hand emoji here).

My first little black dress was a spaghetti strap dress I wore to a dance or some kind of formal as a high school student. It was from a department store and I had it for years! I initially wore it with heals and probably some terrible up-do. But I soon learned to dress it up and down. My favorite look was with tennis shoes and a jean jacket. People! Not much has changed!!!! I don't still have the same dress from {{{nearly}}} 20 years ago, but I do have a go-to black dress that is perfect for dressing up or down. 

I wanted to share a few ways you can make your little black dress versatile too...

This first image is layered with an oversized cardigan. It's actually the Brookes Collective, Grandpa Sweater. It is oversized, comfy and a perfect addition over the top of your go-to dress. an oversized sweater is the perfect way to dress down your dress while still looking put together. I like the idea of adding a statement necklace or earrings and a pair of classy flats. This keeps the look from getting too casual so it will still be perfect for the workplace or date night!

This next image is dressed up! I love how Kimberly is wearing statement heels as well as jewelry that stands out. She doesn't need to add anything over the top of the dress for the look to be complete, but her accessories tell the story of a put together look. I think she looks ready to be a powerhouse at work or dressed up for a night out. 

Lastly we are going CASUAL!! Casual is my favorite, FYI. Working from home allows me to be dressed down pretty regularly, but I still like to look intentional in my outfit choices. Kimberly is back in the sheath dress with a flannel over the top and white tennis shoes on her feet. I think the look would be complete with a baseball hat. Adorable, right?!

Check out the youtube video where I describe Kimberly's casual outfit and another fun way to dress up your sheath dress! And don't forget to check out the Brookes Collective sheath dress here!

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