Styling the Brookes Collective Sheath Dress

The past nine weeks we have been taking one Brookes Collective original and sharing three ways to style it. We have been trying to show a variety of, "looks" to showcase the versatility of each item. We believe in capsule wardrobes and the, "less-is-more" concept. We want each piece to be styled in a multitude of ways to give you the freedom to wear it casual, dressed-up, or anything in between. Check back here and here for some examples of the other styles. 

Today we are on our final Brookes Collective original - the Sheath Dress. This gorgeous silhouette is as classic as it comes. For some reason it reminds me of my grandmother. If you knew my grandmother this would come as a great compliment. She was as classy and timeless as any women I have ever met. She would have worn this dress. And this dress could be worn by my grandchildren some day because the shape and style will go on forever. Here I am wearing the Sheath in a library. Because why would you not wear a sheath dress in a library, right? I have also worn this dress to the nutcracker, on date night and to my husband's company party, (perks of being a co-founder of a clothing line, you get to wear the samples before they go on sale!). 

I have saved this dress as my last item to style because it is a little tricky. It's the dress that can be worn anywhere, but because it is one piece it becomes difficult to mix it up. I am a firm believer in accessories; shoes, jewelry and bags can completely change the look of an outfit. I have let my accessories make the magic below. You can too! Just use the images below as a guide to styling the Brookes Collective Sheath dress or any other classic dress you love! 

Look #1

Does this combination look familiar? It's because I have used this image with the Brookes Collective jumpsuit. Take a look back at that post here. But can't you visualize these accesories with a Sheath dress as well? That is the beauty of a capsule wardrobe; exchange one or two items and you have a completely different look.  

I love heels. I think I sound like a broken record from my other blog posts. I am 5'11" and I don't let that stop me. Whether they are wedges, booties or stilettos I love them! This particular pair of shoes ties the other classy accessories in with the dress and creates a very formal look. This is a similar look to the company party I attended just last weekend. 

Look #2

I love a good strappy heel, and these shoes make a statement with this dress. They are fun and a little sassy so I leaned into that vibe by adding a chunky beaded necklace and statement earrings. The watch is a classic gold bank but not necessarily typical of this dress and adding a larger tote is not only functional but adds another layer of interest to the look. Don't be afraid to play around with accessories! Being unexpected in fashion is half the fun! 

Look #3

Did I ever tell you that I pulled a tendon in my foot right before the holidays? Yup. I was in a boot and everything. It's not easy to style a wardrobe around a boot, so I was less then thrilled. And you better believe I was unimpressed when the doctor told me I had to wear the boot to a gala I was attending. I decided to compromise with the doctor, (without his knowledge of course). Instead of wearing a boot I wore flats. And I was very careful. And I didn't run or jump or do any obstacle courses. I was very cautious. But my heel-loving self did not love the idea of flats with a sheath dress. Surprisingly enough, I ended up having a lot of fun with a pair of leopard print flats. They were a nice way to add another dimension to a classic style. 

The rest of this look plays down the accessories and lets the dress do the work. The classic hoop earrings and simple necklace let's the dress showcase your beautiful silhouette without taking away from anything else. I love accessories, but sometimes understated is such a beautiful touch. 

I know you are going to love this sheath dress as much as we do! What style is your favorite?

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