Styling the Brookes Collective Perfect V

Formally introducing the Brookes Collective, "Perfect V"! 
(And our beautiful model, Amanda!)
First of all, can I just say how beautiful Amanda's eyes are? This shirt makes them POP. Seriously!! And this little gem will be available on March 2nd! If you have been following along, you will know that leading up to our launch on March 2nd, we will be highlighting each Brookes Collective original and giving examples on how to style them! Today is week 2. Click here to read about our first item, the shift dress. 
Look #1
Our collection is a spring/summer line. So if you are sitting here reading this in a sweater with your fire burning, envision sun and heat and the casual goodness that comes with summer. This shirt is able to dressed down casual perfectly with a pair of denim shorts, sandals, and cute pop-y jewelry. I love the brown sandals with a thick necklace and a cross-body purse. This outfit is perfect for running kids around town, playdates, coffee dates and any other day date you can think of! 
Look #2
We are still feeling casual with this look. We have distressed jeans that are loose fit to set the tone for the casual feel. If you have a belt and add the, "Texas Tuck," (partial tuck in front) you will gain shape in the outfit and then add cute pops of color and interest with fun earrings and clutch. With the neckline a V but not deep, a simplistic chocker will accent it well. This look feels like a day look to me as well. Wear this to a casual meeting or hanging with friends. It is put together while still feeling comfortable and casual. 
Look #3
We are getting fancier, people! This outfit adds darker denim that generally leads to a more formal feel. It's not, because it's comfortable, but it is more dressed up than the distressed jeans. I think the bag and brown booties still lend itself to casual, but I adding the dark denim that isn't distressed makes this transition seamlessly to night wear. Wear this to a meeting and then run out to meet your girlfriends for a drink - see how versatile? I love outfits that are simple and yet move from one event to the next without any fuss.
*(That's a bangle bracelet on the top right, by the looks like it could be a ring or bracelet and either would be adorable)
Look #4
Alright, the plan was 3 styles per article of clothing but I couldn't resist. I fell in love with the idea of this shirt as a, "wear to work" or a, "wear because I want to be fancy" shirt. The fit is beautiful and the color is so rich! And I LOVE a good blazer!! They are not inexpensive, that's for sure, but they are worth the investment because they add such a sophisticated look to an outfit! But I am not trying to sell a blazer...just suggesting it because it is worth it! ANYWAY! Pair it with a dark pair of denim, the Perfect V and a pair of heels and you are on your way to a fancy night!! I love this outfit! I like to go big on one piece of jewelry and be a little more understated on the others. This outfit I decided to choose the earrings to stand out and a chocker for the necklace. I want to find a place to wear this outfit instead of find an outfit to wear to an event!!!
Pretty versatile for one little shirt, right? Let us know if you have any other ideas for styling the Perfect V!!

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