Styling the Brookes Collective Jumpsuit

Here we go again - styling yet another Brookes Collective original. This time it is our much anticipated jumpsuit! Or Romper to those who prefer that term? We have gone back and forth on what the correct lingo is! 

We have been spending a little bit of time each week discussing one of our pieces that will be released on March 1st and how it can be styled in three different ways. We want to show the versatility in our clothing and encourage a capsule wardrobe style closet. Take a look back here and here at some of the other items we have highlighted. 
There are a lot of aspects of our jumpsuit that we love, but the back is what makes it so unique and amazing. There is a snap closure by the neck and a zipper down the back. The fit is seamless and the look is so classy! 

Look #1
For this look we are going classy and a little dressy. We have a pair of black stilettos which make anything, "next level" and a statement necklace with a lot of bling. Pair it with a earrings that are going to be understated but not forgotten. I love finding a clutch that is versatile to go with all of my dressy outfits. A black envelope clutch could perfect for this outfit! This makes you want to go to a fancy girls night out, right? Me too!

Look #2

We went from extremely dressy to casual and flirty. I love the idea of pairing the jumpsuit with summer essentials like a straw bag, sandals and sunnies. Don't forget to add a classic necklace and big earrings to be fun, casual and super cute!

Look #3

The jumpsuit makes me want to be dressy and go out for the night, so I was drawn to the outfits that were going to be a little bit, "extra". I love the idea of adding a vest with texture to the jumpsuit. It may cover up the beautiful back, but it will highlight the cut in the front which is very flattering. I have strappy heels in this outfit, but I think you could easily swap those out for a pair of basic or not-so-basic flats as well. I love heels - even at 5'11"! But I know not everyone feels the same. Add some interesting stacked bracelets and dangle earrings and keep your necklace understated since you will be wearing a vest. Don't forget a fun clutch to round out the outfit! 
We love the jumpsuit and we think you will too! How do you plan on styling it?

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