Styling Brookes Collective's Staple Pieces

Wardrobe staples. We all have them, right? The clothing pieces that we love to grab first, the ones that are perfect for dressing up and dressing down. The ones that make us feel good as well as comfortable. I am imagining several pieces in my closet right now and they make me so happy. These are the kind of pieces that are such a valuable asset to any closet. We have talked a lot about capsule wardrobes and sustainable closets in previous posts. If you haven’t gotten a chance to read through those posts, go back here and here to get some insight into what we are talking about.


When Brookes Collective began the design phase for our first Spring/Summer line, one question that continued to pop up in our conversations was the wear-ability of each piece. We asked ourselves how many ways can this shirt be worn? How versatile is it? Can it be dressed up? Dressed down? Worn to work? Worn on date night? Can it be worn with skirts, jeans, leggings? We thought through the length of shirts based on the bottoms it would be worn with as well as the neckline and layering…I truly could go on and on. As first-time design collaborators, we realized how much goes into creating even one article of clothing. It has taken a lot of time to get each Brookes Collective original perfect because we hope each of our items will become a versatile piece of clothing in our customer’s closets.


Brookes Collective will be selling some amazing black leggings, some long layering tank tops and some incredibly soft and cozy V neck T-shirts. I would definitely consider these basic pieces as staple items. However, the staples that Brookes Collective would like to be known for include the items in our, “micro” line. These are the 9 originals that we are designing in Cape Town. The line includes 2 dresses, 1 skirt, 1 jumpsuit, (or romper, if you will), 1 long sleeve summer sweater, 1 kimono, 2 short sleeve blouses, 1 tank top blouse. As we begin to roll out the line and give further detail into the products, we will be talking about styling these items and making them a versatile clothing item you will want in your wardrobe.


As a sneak peek into styling with Brookes Collective, I am going to showcase our beautiful house model, Amanda in our Military Blouse. In this picture that was taken for our Instagram account, Amanda is pairing the Military Blouse with our Black Pencil Skirt. I know you can’t get the full idea since the skirt is cut off, but it looks lovely, right? Here are some other ideas we can style this gorgeous top:


Look #1 Strappy black booties, Dark Jeans, leather jacket over the top with large earrings

Look #2 White converse, leggings, gold studs, messy bun

Look #3 Camel leather booties, black pencil skirt, shirt tucked in with leopard print belt, long straight earrings, layered gold bracelets


With one shirt I have styled three outfits that would work for date night, (#1), casual outing or school pick up, (#2), and office attire, (#3). And this is what we love about the pieces we have created; the ability to wear them virtually anywhere because of the versatility and simplicity they provide.


What pieces do you have in your closet that are your, “go-to” items? What styles or fits do you look for in a piece of clothing that would make you want to wear it often?

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