5 Tips to do your Part to Heal from Pollution Using Fashion

Creating a bright future for ourselves, our family, our children, for the next generation, that's the goal, right?! There is a lot of dooms day out there right now and we are at a peak point in how many humans there are in the world and how much pollution we are creating. This is dire and important to talk about, but I am most interested in discussing solutions.

 The industry that is one of the largest polluters in our world today is fashion! From farming, to creating the textiles, to mass production, we are not doing so hot. However, solution? Find better ways!

So how can we do better? How can we do our part?

Here are a couple of tips:

  1. Knowing who made your clothes is key. I know I know, we have said it 13994930 times already but it is SO real. If you are shopping with a company that is transport and desires to grow, you are already on your way!
  2. Throw away your clothes well! Read our blog about getting rid of your clothes well here
  3. Buy classic styles of clothing that can be worn more often and style creatively with jewelry.
  4. Buy clothes that materials are natural!
  5. Buy from companies that acknowledge the problem of pollution in the fashion industry and that are committed to doing something about it. That may sound like #1 but a desire to grow and a stated commitment in my mind is two different things.  

We can be a part of a better world using the our shopping as a tool!


Let’s change the world together!


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