Slave-Free Fashion

Slave free fashion


That sounds amazing right?


We want way more than that.


We believe fashion can be more than slave free or exploitation free. We believe that fashion could revolutionize globalization as we know it.

Changing the world one beautiful piece of clothing at a time.

Sounds too good to be true right?



It starts with what we think of people. Well let’s say it starts with thinking about people as people. We first have to be conscious that people make our clothes and then second ask ourselves in what conditions do those people find themselves in. Finally we can ask ourselves if we will continue paying into an economic system that allows people to be enslaves, exploited, and abused?


If we say no thank you to that concept but don’t know where to start to change it, never fear, there are solutions!


If consumers were to demand that the people who made their clothes were treated fairly and put their money where their mouth is, businesses would change to meet that demand. Globalization is supply and demand and we the consumer hold the power of the supply by demanding the things we want!

If we keep spending our money on fast fashion and fashion that enslaves and abuses then companies will continue to supply those things.


However, if we stand up and demand and pay for clothing that does more than ‘doesn’t enslave’ but pay for clothes that offer a future and a hope for those making our beautiful clothing - that will change the entire global economy surrounding fashion!


Fashion could bring light to what a just global economy could look like! Where not just the consumer is considered, but each and every person that places their hands and creativity into a product.


Fashion could show us how to change the world!



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