Styling the Brookes Collective Shift Dress

Formally introducing the Brookes Collective shift dress!!!

(and our beautiful model, Jasmine)


It will be worth the wait, right??! It's so adorable and so versatile and so comfy. And it's going to be available March 2nd!


To gear up for our launch, (we are planning ahead here, people) we want to showcase the original items we have created and give a little insight into styling them. Because part of our mission at Brookes Collective is to eliminate the unnecessary waste of fast fashion. So if we are able to style the same items in a multitude of ways, we will buy less, style more and still have unique outfits each time a piece is worn.

The shift dress is the first on our list to discuss. It's so cute it hurts and I can't wait for spring so I can start wearing it myself!! 


Look #1 



This look is meant to be,  "put together casual" - it feels effortless but with the accessories it looks  stylish and adorable! The shoes are summery and the necklace is simplistic. The purse coordinates well with the feel and the earrings and Havana hat bring a pop of magic that really stands out. This outfit would be adorable worn on vacation to a beach town, to brunch on a sunny spring or summer day or on a fun outing around town. We love this look! 


Look #2 



This look has a mix of accessories just as the look above. I love the juxtapose of tennis shoes with stylish jewelry. It feels fun and flirty and a little spontaneous. The large face watch and pendant necklace bring a fancier feel to the look and the tennis shoes and playful stud earrings bring the level back down to casual. The cross body handbag is a perfect mix between the two looks. This look is perfect for a day date or coffee date with girl friends. 


Look #3 



We wanted to include a look that is dressed up a little bit more - which can be hard with a shift dress which in nature is quite casual. But adding a jean jacket, stacked pendant necklaces and a gold cuff adds a bit of sophistication to this styled look. We believe the espadrille shoes stay in line with the summery vibe the shift dress is giving off. This outfit could transition to evening wear out to a concert, dinner or around town. 


We LOVE versatility in our clothing and want to hear if you have other ideas for this piece as well!!

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