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Interested how to buy more ethically sourced clothing but don’t know where to start? 


Here’s a little short list to get you started!


Not for Sale Campaign (NFS) a modern-day abolitionist movement has just released their consumer report on the Apparel Industry Trend.  They "rank 300 apparel brands on their efforts to address child and forced labor in their supply chains. It provides a picture of the practices of industry leaders, and calls out brands that fuel modern slavery through their negligence.” Check it out:


BBC reports "as many as half a million children may work in India's cotton industry, making one third of the sector's cotton seeders, pickers, ginners and other workers children.” Educating yourself what is happening in the supply chain in your clothes is an important step!  Check out some more info:(


We believe strongly in consumer power! Don’t boycott shopping! To boycott is to remove yourself from our ever-globalizing economic systems, rather BUYCOTT! Actively buy products and services that will actively build into an economy that values human life! If we stand together and demand the kind of supply that uplifts then to tear down…then my friends we are getting somewhere!




We have the power to change companies. We have the power to enable empowering companies to flourish and with them everyone in their supply chain (like Brookes Collective).

We have the power to change the world!



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