My Closet Must-Have's

My Closet Must-Have


Everybody is created differently. We come in so many shapes and sizes and opinions and preferences – and thank goodness for that, right? If we were all the same wouldn’t that be boring? I remember hearing that from a teacher or a parent or some adult in my life as an adolescent girl in regards to not comparing to other people. But, it’s true and I legitimately am so glad we are all so unique.


I’m going to be sharing my closet must-haves, but I know it’s completely different for each of us! Isn’t it so fun in fashion to see what one person loves on their body and what another person can’t handle wearing? I had someone tell me the natural waist line is going to be flattering on everyone. Wrong. A natural waist line on a dress or top cuts my torso weird and makes me look very boxy. I am 5’11” and a lot of my height is in my legs and I am lacking a lot of curves. So, I try to make my top in proportion with my legs and add the illusion of curves up top. My must-have items in my closet fit my specific look that I’ve always been drawn to based on what fits my body type.  


My first must have in my closet consists of leggings. They are so easy and so comfortable and so versatile. In this hot Texas weather they are a must have because they can be worn year round. I love them with a tank top or with a long sleeve shirt, sweater or t-shirt. Everything, right? I know I'm not the only one!! I also love to wear them with a variety of shoes since they can be dressed up or down. Fun fact: these particular leggings and tank top underneath are Brookes Collective! Prepare yourself for how fabulous they are when they become available March 1st!

I am a jean girl through and through. Even though summer gives me all the feels, pulling my jeans out after they have been put away for months always makes my heart happy. When I was growing lanky and awkward in Jr. high, it was nearly impossible to find jeans that fit me. Especially since boot cut and flare were all the rage. Those ankle bones always wanted to show out and that was not nearly as cute as my petite little friends with their jeans folding over their tennis shoes and dragging on the ground. Oh, the envy I would feel. Now that I wear skinny jeans, I feel like I can rock them! They might not be as long as most other people’s jeans, but my ankle can make an appearance and I am proud to allow it. Thank goodness for changes in trends sometimes, right?


Another must have in my closet are booties. I am in love with my ankle height booties in camel color – I can wear them with everything and I love the versatility they provide me. Isn’t it the best when you have an item in your closet that can be dressed up or down? That’s how I feel about my booties. I love to wear them with jeans because as I have mentioned above, I’m a jeans girl. But I love to pair them with a shift dress too! Or a t-shirt and statement necklace.


Want to know about a style of top that is my go-to? A flowy top such as a tunic. I love this kind of top in long sleeve, short sleeve and sleeveless. I love to let it lay loose around my waist with leggings and I love to do the, “Texas tuck” with jeans. Do you know what that is? I didn’t know it had a name until I moved here – just tuck a little bit of the shirt off centered in the front and the rest hang out showing a little shape of your waist/hips but still being flowy. This style has stood the test of time, I have flowy tunics and tanks in my closet from years ago and I feel as good in them now as I did when I first bought them.    



So there you go – my closet must haves. And this is what we need, people! We need items in our closets that can be so versatile! Let’s buy the booties that are going to be worn to a PTA meeting or on date night. Let’s get the jeans that are going to last us years, (as long as those ankles are acceptable to show!) and let’s find the tops that aren’t so specific to one season’s trend that we can wear them over and over until they wear out. Let’s have our go-to’s that are going to stick with us!!


I have shared what I continue to love and wear for years and now I want to hear from you – do you have a favorite top or bottoms? What about your shoes or even your bags? What are your go-to’s? What makes them stand the test of time?

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