Moving Forward with an Ethical Wardrobe

So you want to move forward with an ethical wardrobe? Do you throw everything out and start over?

  1. That’s wicked expensive and if you can afford it…good for you. Also what do you do for a living?!
  2. While that may seem like the best way forward it’s not actually the most sustainable way forward!


Below are six steps/tips/ideas of how to do fashion being more aware of the human and environmental cost of fast fashion.


  1. The least polluting item in you can possibly find is what is already in your closet! Use what you’ve got! Try doing the #capsulewardrobe challenge which is using less clothes in more creative ways! Styling is Queen in this instance! Check out our blog on styling one shirt five ways (WE CAN LINK THIS TO YOUR BLOG KATIE) for some ideas!
  2. Do a clothes swap! Who doesn’t love a party with a few (or a lot) of friends? You can make this a small event with a few friends or host an all-out cocktails and trade night with the girls! Pro-tip: invite the girls that are always super stylish because they will bring the best stuff!!!

If you focus on clothing swap you are getting more life out of the clothes that have already been bought! The average piece of clothing in the US is worn 5 times!! We can beat that statistic if we are willing to share! We all know another girls rubbish can be an absolute treasure!

  1. Buy. Better. Quality. Assume you’ll have this piece of clothing for a while and shop according to that mindset! If you take the time to look at your closet and assess the pieces you still feel you need to complete the closet you want, you’ll be less likely to grab that Zara shirt for $10 that actually doesn’t fit and won’t survive a single wash!
  2. Repair what you have! Find that friend/Auntie/Neighbor that can sew….or if you are magical you can do it yourself….and repair repair repair!! Some pieces can’t be saved, but it’s worth the effort in a lot of cases! Anyone guilty of throwing away a shirt because a button has went missing (*me raising my hand*) and sometimes it is unavoidable, but it’s worth a shot!
  3. Buy from a company you trust! This requires research which is not everyone’s favorite thing or not everyone has time for. However, you can check out a few quick things to start.
  4. How transparent is the company in regards to their production line? Where are their clothes/accessories made? And who made them?
  5. What certifications do they have? Not all certifications are created equal, and there are TONS of exceptional companies that don’t have any certification because they chose to put their profit back toward their employees rather than paying for expensive certification. So that’s a toss up!
  6. What does the company communicate in regards to their own integrity? That says a lot.
  7. Check out reviews! Sometimes there’s the random angry reviewer, but you can get a general sense of a company through people who have worked with them in the past.
  8. And last but certainly not least, how you wash you clothes matter! Does your washing machine have an eco setting? Do your clothes NEED to be washed every time you wear it?


There is SO much to consider and think through for anybody on this journey whether you’ve been on it 2 weeks or 2 decades! It’s a movement and a journey and there are always things to learn! The important thing is to keep trying to grow and keep being willing to explore new ways of doing things!


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