Layering like a BOSS


When we are committed to a capsule wardrobe; a wardrobe that consumes less clothing but can be mixed and matched, layering is a must! We can keep our outfits fresh and exciting by using layering to mix things up! I've decided to use a few basics that many of you will already have in your closets and show you several ways we can be layering our clothes!

Denim Jackets

This is a timeless article of clothing that fits perfect with every capsule wardrobe. What I love about a denim jacket is the change of texture and shape it creates when added to an outfit. This denim jacket is layered over a striped long sleeve t and matched with our midi-skirt. It brings a level of casualness that makes this outfit pop!

With this outfit we put a denim jacket on over our blush Shift Dress. This dress is adorable and flirty and great on its own! But adding a jacket elevates the look while also allowing you to stretch this summer look into the fall! 

Denim jackets are a no brainer! But do you ever use a chambray top as a layering piece? We love to pair a top like the one below over another top. It looks great with a tank underneath, a short sleeve top and even this long sleeve Reverse-V top! Tie it up in a little knot to define your waist and keep the layers different lengths!


Now lets talk about sweaters! Look at how we have layered this oversized Grandpa Sweater over the top of the chambray, (we love versatility!! Chambray is another top that is a must for a capsule wardrobe - they can be the top or bottom layer!) Layering with a sweater is a no-brainer because when we are cold we add layers! But how about when we are cold we strategically put together outfits from our closet that are both cozy and fashionable! 

The above sweater is a cardigan sweater and can be easy to just pop over the top of most shirts. Below we have a picture of a crew neck sweater that is gorgeous on it's own, but adds a next level vibe when you are able to layer! We have this sweater over the top of a swing top. We like how the bottom flares out. One thing to be on the lookout when layering two "full bodied" tops - they can have the tendency to add bulk to your figure. When you make sure the length is correct on both the top and bottom layer is can still define your shape while adding the interest of the layered look.

Another favorite way to layer a sweater is with a layering tank. Easy as that. The back of our Reverse V Oatmeal Sweater is V'd which allows a cute top to show in the back as well as a little bit of white coming out from the bottom. Sometimes we want to keep things simple, and this is a great way!
Leather Jacket 

I have to be honest - this jacket is one of my favorites! It has now accompanied us to both of our photoshoots and I wear it as often as possible. I love a little bit of an, "edge" in fashion and popping this jacket over the top of even the sweetest top can achieve that look! This first look is over the Military top which is a short sleeve tunic. It has beautiful detailing on the front and back. It isn't as noticeable under a jacket, but sometimes when we are wearing our layering piece it's only for part of the day and this top can stand on it's own as well. 

Is this wall to die for? Haha, off the point, but I will just say, during our photoshoot in Northern Europe we made stops in Copenhagen and this was our first day there. We couldn't get enough of the backgrounds and have so many beautiful pops of color from the architecture. 

And also, I love a leather jacket over our swing top. The top hangs out from the bottom and the sleeves are longer than the jacket. It looks put together and intentional!


Vests like this circle vest are a perfect transition from fall to winter! I love the completely different look it gives this striped long sleeve top and skirt. 


I just did a blog post about styling our Brooke Collective Shawl  last week and you can read about it here. As I said in that post, this shawl and many others can be way more versatile than you ever imagined! It's a great accessory that can change the look of ANY outfit! I have it below paired with the ever controversial Canadian Tuxedo, (denim on denim). And to those of you skeptics of the denim overload - the shawl most certainly breaks up the blue and adds that missing touch of softness. 

We've added the shawl to waxed denim, a white long sleeve tunic and booties. Different looks. Same cozy shawl. Equally perfectly layered. 


This blog has touched on a lot of warm weather layering because, burrrr, it's cold out there! But sometime you live in a climate where it stays warm all year. Sometimes you go on vacation to places where it's warm all year. And sometimes you live on the opposite hemisphere and are just starting summer! And if that is the case, then let's not forget layering with a light weight beautiful kimono! I love a flow-y kimono layered over a form fitted shirt that is a different hem length. But kimonos are also beautiful when you have a flow-y top underneath as well, it just gives a different vibe! 

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