Launch Party Day!!!!

I am sitting besides Kate as we write out a schedule for tomorrow while simultaneously we are cooking dinner (family comes to us via Portland in two hours!!!!), finalizing all the details of our website, and putting the finishing touches on how we are doing distribution!


To say it’s been a hectic few days is an huge understatement! However, have you been following our Instagram stories???…because it has NOT been boring!


My sides hurt from laughing.


All day we laugh.

I am having SO much fun sharing this tiny desk with Kate while I google (for the ninth time) how to streamline one process or another. I am laughing as we realize certain orders that we spent months setting up have gone awry, we are laughing till we cry as we make a social media ‘stories’ that are 99% of us trying to gasp out the information we were trying to share because we can’t get a grip from a laughing fit.


To do business with one’s sister is such a joy!!!


We are about to head to the airport to pick up the Portland contingent of our team for tomorrow (our parents, one niece, and a brother) we cannot tell you enough how much we are looking forward to this launch party and the launch of our website!


We say #welcometothemovement quite often and it’s so real! Welcome to this thing that we may have started but has taken an entirely collective shape as you all have joined in and become an integral part of influencing what it is becoming!


Tomorrow is about all of us as we collectively celebrate how we are changing the world through our consumer power. Tomorrow night we are celebrating beauty every step of the way in our fashion industry!



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