Human Trafficking in the Fashion Industry


Last week we asked “what do you want to know about fair trade fashion”. One of the responses we got was, “what is ACTUALLY HAPPENING??”

There is so much information right alongside misinformation that it can be overwhelming to even think about without hitting an emotional and mental wall. 


The next few days I’ll be doing a few ‘stories’ on Instagram to give a better picture of human trafficking in the fashion industry. Knowing that it’s happening usually isn’t enough. Human trafficking is a complex and not easily defined topic of discussion. 


I should know, for most of my adult life I was either working in or running an international counter human trafficking NGO (non-governmental agency). Although I focused primarily in the sex trafficking sector, I fought for years on every form of human enslavement. 


Due to that long term understanding of this industry I know that research is nearly impossible and facts and percentages are always wrong. It is the very nature of this illegal and hidden sector of economics that do not allow for above board research. 


Governments tend to play down research in order to make themselves look better, NGO’s like the higher stats to make themselves seem more important and necessary. That being said, statistics are a necessary evil due to the fact that humans need to understand the scope of the problem before we can begin to create solutions!


So, as we move forward we hope you understand we are going to be using research to try and showcase issues in fashion that we have real life experience with, but we know that someday these will probably be proved false; either too high or too low. What we are hoping to communicate is that human enslavement and human abuse is happening. 

Our message at Brookes Collective is that we know that is wrong and we want to invite you to be a part of the solution.


If you know human abuse and human enslavement is wrong and want to stand up for what is beautiful instead, then you are one of us! We want to be a space where you can learn more and find tangible ways to be a part of the change!


Stick with us as we unpack the complexities of human trafficking and discuss real options for being someone who is capable and powerful enough to bring healing to a broken system!


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