How to Wear the Brookes Collective Jumpsuit

A jumpsuit can be an intimidating piece of clothing, can't it? We are all made to look different. We all have different shapes. We all have different lengths. And we all have different fitting preferences. So creating a piece of clothing that is one piece is so tricky!! When we were in the design processes we were trying to think through what everyone would want in a jumpsuit. How would everyone want the waist to hit? The length? The bust?? Well here's the thing; it is physically impossible to create an article of clothing that will fit every body type - as much as we tried it wasn't going to happen. But what we came up with we are pretty proud of! Both Kimberly and I love an excuse to wear our jumpsuit. We have loved seeing the jumpsuit on all different body types! It gives us a lot of pride seeing how it can fit on a variety of people. 

At first glance you may be thinking this jumpsuit is only a dressy piece. The suiting type material gives it a polished look and the backing is a statement! It is dressy! This can be worn with a pair of stilettos, statement necklace and clutch and you would be perfect for an evening out! More than perfect! You would stand out in any crowd!

This jumpsuit is also equally adorable dressed down and casual! This, my friends, is my favorite part of the job! I love thinking through changes in looks for an individual piece! Imagine wearing this on a boardwalk during the summer. The fabric is lightweight enough to transition to espradilles, a long summery beaded necklace, fringe earrings, and a sun hat! Oh, talking about this outfit makes me want to visit Coronado and walk the sweet city streets. 

I also love this jumpsuit in a day to day outfit. Imagine strappy sandals, jean jacket, long chain necklace, watch and mom bag...or I mean large tote, (anyone feeling me with the mom bag??!). It can easily transition to an outfit that would be worn day to day. 

Give me your ideas - how would you wear this jumpsuit? Better yet, send us your pictures of how you have styled the jumpsuit - we love getting our style inspiration from our customers!

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