How to Wear a Jumpsuit this Winter

Jumpsuits are amazing. They are a great dress alternative, they are classy, they are eye catching...clearly I am smitten with a good Jumpsuit!! But I know it can be easy to wear a jumpsuit just one way and be stuck figuring out how to make it versatile. So I made a style guide with the Brookes Collective Jumpsuit. Watch my style guide here and check out the THREE great ways to style your jumpsuit!



LAYERING!!! I know you hear that from us a lot, and I'm still preaching it!! The temperatures have dropped and adding layers is not only a functional way to stay warm, but it also adds so many options for outfits. I layered my jumpsuit in reverse order! I put a light weight sweater underneath my jumpsuit. It gives jumpsuit a whole new vibe! I love the neutral from the sweater in the first picture and the pop of color in the second picture. Adding a shirt underneath is a great way to wear the same jumpsuit more than one way - imagine the possibilities! I will wear this look to a family holiday party or event!


Layering again - with outerwear! Throw on a denim jacket over your jumpsuit, a pair of tennis shoes and you are ready to go! This look is so effortless but so put together, I am in love! Easy and cute, that's the best combo! I will wear this look to a lunch date with my girlfriends or a family outing!


Just a JUMPSUIT! Obvious, right??! But we also want to consider what accessories are going to make the outfit standout. Pay attention to where your necklace hits on the neckline of your jumpsuit. I like the three layered necklace pictured here because it fills the space nicely. I also wanted to wear heels that were going to standout from the black in the jumpsuit, but were still a neutral tone to keep the look classy! I will wear this look on a date with my husband or an evening get together with friends! 


 I have also given more detail to my styling choices on our youtube channel, check it out

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