How to Research an Ethical Closet


Hi friends!


We are often asked by people around us how do you know all this information about ethical fashion?


I’m not saying people assume in was magically downloaded into our heads….ok maybe I am saying that.


The real answer is TONS of research!


I know, I know not everyone loves research like me. Kate my sister, partner, and sharer of DNA HATES IT! I however, soak it up like a sponge.


We strongly believe that you can’t believe everything you read! That doesn’t even come from a place of cynicism but rather a realistic view of the mass amounts of information out there! At Brookes Collective we work really hard to make sure the information we share is accurate and found in multiple primary sources before we share, however there will come a time when we are just wrong! Not because we are being misleading but because it’s the nature of research that we won’t get everything right all the time. So may I say in advance we are real sorry for when that day comes!


Here are some tips or some points of direction in your own journey of research and discovery! PLEASE post and comment any other ideas you may have!


  1. Forbes has a list. This list is companies in general and isn’t primarily focused on fashion brands, although they are in there.
  2. There are apps popping up left and right to try and help us consumers make good choices! Here are a few of our favorites:
  3. Good guide
  4. Free to work
  5. Shopethical!
  6. When you go on to the website do they address the fast fashion issue? Do they speak of the production line and what steps they have in place to make sure both the human cost and environmental cost of fashion is addressed?
  7. What are the fabrics that they use? Certain fabrics have much more of a environmental impact than others. There are too many fabrics to go through on this little list, but you can google fabrics you have in your closet to start getting an idea.
  8. Google! It may sound too easy to be true, but especially large corporations you can good the companies name in conjunction with terms like “ethical fashion” or “fair trade” or “best practices” and lots of articles will come up.


Who else has ideas for us? What have you found that works for you?

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