Fall Trends You Will Love to See!

Fall is such a special time of year. I love the feeling of the weather changing; finally feeling the crisp air as I walk my girls to school, Seeing the leaves turn to beautiful colors, moving on from the care-free summer mode to one where we have a routine and lots of fun holiday experiences to look forward to. I love fall! We might all love it for different reasons, but most people I know look forward to the change of pace that comes with this season.


Another reason I look forward to fall is the change of clothing. I have lived in HOT climates since I was 18 years old which means summer consists of the least amount of clothing we can get away with – shorts, tank tops, summer dresses. Don’t get me wrong, I have the same giddy experience at the end of spring when I’m ready to shed the layers and be more carefree! But I forget about all that when I start drooling over scarfs and jeans and layering and accessorizing! Maybe that’s what is the best? There are SO. MANY. OPTIONS for accessorizing in the cooler months.


Our fall “must-haves” are items that can be used for many seasons because they are classics!


  1. Jeans. Duh. Right? Jeans are a must have in any wardrobe; they are in fact my favorite clothing staple. For quite a few years we have been a part of the skinny jean fad. Can we call it a fad if we never want it to go away? Well, that’s what it is because fashion is cyclical and everything comes and goes as the powers that be decide. Some of you may groan about the skinny’s and ask yourself when those are going away, and I’m here to tell you that relaxed wear is back! Bring out those boyfriend cut jeans and rock them! Don’t donate your skinny jeans just yet, I don’t foresee those going anywhere anytime soon, but the variety in a looser more relaxed look is in and it’s adorable!

  2. Oversized Sweaters. Yippy! It’s sweater season, (once the temperature drops a little bit more around Texas). But some of you lucky ducks around the country are already cooling down and pulling out your sweaters. Pull out your oversized most comfortable sweater and know you are trendy and chic. Pair your sweater with a skirt and heals, over a sheath dress or with your boyfriend jeans! These sweaters scream fall and style all in one!

  3. Layering. Layering. Layering.  By adding pieces on top of pieces we add a dimension to our outfits that one top and one bottom just can’t beat. When I feel my most put together I am wearing at least three articles of clothing. Add that scarf with a long sleeve top – different patterns in coordinating colors encouraged! Throw your jean jacket on with the other shirt poking out at the bottom. Make your belt the highlight of your outfit. Layer your clothes. It can be with jewelry, handbags, tights, undershirts poking through or shawls, but add a few pieces to your outfit to make your fashion choices look intentional.


The best thing to remember while you are looking to add to our wardrobe this season – find pieces that are classic that will transcend the changes in fashion, know where your clothes came from and who made them, buy quality pieces that may be more expensive but will last longer.

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