Ethical Shopping for the Rest of Us

We are all busy right? 

Have we all seen that meme where it shows a frantic looking women and underneath it says:
"Me trying to juggle being fit, eating healthy, dress stylishly, have a normal social life, work, and managing my stress levels"

Let's add "and shop ethically" to that list and see if anyone feels any sense of anxiety!

 No one WANTS to exploit people on the other side of the world, and if you do I think you need to seek counseling immediately. 

 Once you've heard about fast fashion and how our beauty industry on every level is breeding human exploitation and causing mass pollution, the normal response is:
"Oh dear." 

But then what? What options are you given? We know. We understand. We are like you.
Here's a few VERY simple steps that will help at least start you on that process. It IS adding something to your life, but it doesn't have to be all at once. It shouldn't ramp up your anxiety, it should offer hope; hope that you have power to do something. There is evil and broken systems everywhere. Turn on a TV. 
You however can start doing something about it. Not everything - but some small steps that I promise you have big impact.

1. Don't throw away your clothes. Offer them to a friend or 5 and then if there are no takers donate them.
2. Think twice about retail therapy. Or if you must, google some fair trade brands to invest into. At least that way you are pouring into something great while also getting something beautiful in return. 
3. Borrow from a friend before you get one yourself. Test it out, make sure you'll love it before you buy it. By wearing clothes just 20 times you are significantly reducing the carbon footprint used to create that piece.
4. Shop at @thredup or other resale companies online and in person
5. Shop at companies you KNOW are empowering their employees and offering hope for the future!

See, no need to stress, but a WHOLE lot of hope offered!

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