Ethical Holiday Guide

 It’s starting. In South Africa there is no thanksgiving so we just go from September to Christmas overnight!

 As I am sure we are all percolating ideas for the people we love or otherwise feel obligated to buy for, we’ve created a start list to help you come up with gift ideas that not only offer one gift but are a gift to the people who made them!


A few tips for those that want to do their Christmas shopping even a wee bit more ethically!

  1. Shop local! Bigger companies can’t manage how they value human life on their VERY large production lines! Shopping local gives you a much more realistic ability to make sure their manufacturing is up to par!
  2. Look for companies that not only use “fair trade” language but “ethically produced” or “ethically manufactured”. Unfortunate as it is fair trade isn’t always ethical. Like most things it’s a good step in the right direction, but isn’t always everything you were hoping for!
  3. Try and bring your own bags shopping! Christmas shopping/wrapping adds a lot of single use rubbish! Get creative and help show a little love to our world this year!


A few of the places I will be shopping this year for presents for my loved ones/obligations ;)

  1. Brookes Collective….yep. Prepare yourself emotionally loved ones for some ethically created clothing!
  2. Etsy! A perfect place to shop for just about anything that is create. Artwork, clothes, journals, a new wallet, stocking stuffers, you name it! There are some incredibly talented people out there!
  3. is a gently used second hand online boutique that offers some KILLER deals for both women and kids!
  4. is a subscribtion based website where you can buy someone fresh organic produced delivered monthly to your door!!! (I want this one)
  5. offers fair trade wines that has a long history of empowerment! Why not order a few bottles for those last minute (yet extremely thoughtful) gifts!


We wish you the happiest of holidays and would LOVE to hear your ideas!!!


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