Empowerment vs. helping

Empowerment vs. Helping


As I sit here today I am reflecting on one of our most sacred core values at Brookes Collective; empowerment.

Is there a difference in these words? We think so.

We think everyone needs help once in a while. However, there is a certain narrative, a story we tell ourselves about whole parts of the world that they need our ‘help’, and sometimes that is absolutely true! Because we all need each other sometimes, but how we ‘help’ leaves us feeling great about ourselves, but leave the receivers feeling in debt and less then.

We love the people that we have the great honor to work with. They are artisans. Hard working people who can be proud of the things they have created!

That is what we passionate about, is linking buyers/consumers with those that have been honored and appreciated for the work. Because we believe these people are people worth valuing and that means the things they create are worth valuing as well! That’s empowerment. We aren’t giving nobodies a helping hand up, we are giving the opportunity to already amazing people a chance to shine and share with the world the beauty they are capable of creating! We are giving you, our consumer a chance and opportunity to use your power to #choosebeauty to shop in a way that admires people’s creations and with your choices uplift and empower their ability to continue to work hard and create more beautiful things they are willing to share with the world!


Isn’t it amazing?!



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