Economic Healing

You have power.


Many companies and large corporate leaders would have us believe that how the systems of economic globalizations are just “how it is”.


We as the consumers hold wild power and authority on the matter! Our global economy is based on demand and supply. The idea that the consumer gets what the consumer wants and the person and/or company that can deliver in a way the consumer find acceptable will get that consumers money.

Now, here’s the things, we hold that power but we can easily fall into the trap or the lie that our small household income doesn’t hold much sway, or that what we spend our money on doesn’t really matter.

It does in fact matter a great deal!

Have you ever looked at the pain in the world. Have you ever watched the news and thought either “there’s nothing that can be done it’s too much!” or “I wish I had a way to be a part of solution”?

Well my friends, you do!

Use that financial power you possess and use it to demand a product that uplifts, empowers, and brings change.

This is everything from your groceries, your technology (phone/computer/etc), to the clothes you buy.


I know it can feel so overwhelming when we are awoken to the massive power we hold. When every time we swipe our cards we are using our power to effect the very character of the global economy. But my friends, have no fear! There is no expectations on perfect.

Rather, welcome to a movement of people, communities, and companies (Brookes Collective is proudly a part of) that desire to see human life valued and the earth cared for.

You too can be a part of this movement by questioning who made your clothes and technology, and who farmed your food?

Were they treated with fairness and dignity? Would my buying (blank) empower or further harm the people who produced my goods?


With that simple question you will be lead on a journey that will awaken you to your great power as a consumer. It is not for presidents and corporate giants alone to wield this power. It is you and I that they are trying to sway. Let us not be swayed by cheap products that are made cheap because of poor quality and slave-like labour. Let us stand tall in solidarity to our brothers and sisters around the world that are creating our products.


Let us be a part of healing our economy. Healing it from a space of greed at any cost to a space of providing fairly for people’s needs globally.

We have that power. Let us use it with all the wisdom and grace we possess!



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