Have you heard of this? 

Have you participated or sponsored someone who has?

It’s an amazing movement. One of those clever viral ways women are raising both awareness and money for counter human trafficking work all over the world. The premise of the campaign is women wear dresses every day of December and post about it. They get friends and family to sponsor each day they wear a dress (think: laps in a jogathon). Each day they get dressed up they share on social media the reasons why and then at the end they give all that money they raised to a (hopefully) deserving counter-trafficking NGO or movement.
Using fashion to fight against injustice? Fabulous. 

We’d like to point out one consideration to these lovely ladies and their desire to ‘do good’. 

Who made your dresses? When fighting against the unjust treatment of some, we cannot be participators in the unjust treatment of others. Use this opportunity to speak about the injustices in the fashion industry! Sex trafficking is one of types of human trafficking that is spoken about the most. It’s dislikable; trust me I worked against it for over 10 years! I understand how horrible it is, but it is actually a small percentage in the makeup of all trafficking victims. The largest percentages of victims of human trafficking end up in forced labour situations; fashion manufacturing being the second largest consumers of human slaves in our globalized economy!

So while you are fighting against human trafficking make sure your clothes are too!!!

Good luck ladies and well done standing against the exploitation of human life! 

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