Covid-19 and the Most Vulnerable

Some of us are scared, some of us are ready to kick our kids out the door and let them make their way in the world, some of us are using this as a much needed respite from our busy schedules. Wherever you are on the spectrum of “how you are dealing emotionally with covid-19” you are welcome here with us.

 Kate and I got interviewed last week on a podcast from Moi Moi market in Hawaii. It was a good time from some amazing people! After the actual interview we kept chatting. We two companies are marked by the reality of those that are getting hit the hardest during this time are the most vulnerable. The virus takes out the most vulnerable, but also the economic fallout of this global pandemic will target the most vulnerable.

 Already we see ethical fashion/jewelry/makeup companies folding up shop because they couldn’t take a hit like this. Some are trying to just close up shop and see what happens in the next few weeks, but some are just not going to make it.

 What happens to all those people?

In South Africa, where Brookes Collective is produced, it is often that one person will provide for multiple people from their family and community. That’s not uncommon in most of the world.

Imagine that one person out of a job. The impact is massive.

Right now in South Africa the government just told everyone to “stock up with enough food for 21 days”. 21 days of lockdown.

This is a country where a large percentage of the people are living day by day-imagine 21 days of food! How are they meant to purchase that much when most people are getting fired or laid off because of the already vast economic impact?


 Right, so this is hard and terrible things to read right? A lot of the global news coming out is tough to watch right now.


One thing to remember is we are not the saviors. That is really important. We cannot save everyone. The second important thing is that we are not helpless. We hold power to make a difference.


One of the important things my sister Kate and I wanted to message was NOT “go out and spend money you don’t have!” Putting yourself into debt or financial struggle is not wise.


However, if this was a time where on your to do list was:

  1. Create a capsule wardrobe
  2. Sort through your makeup and better define your colors
  3. Find pieces of jewelry that help you to create different looks so you have less clothing waste
  4. Grow up your wardrobe
  5. Glo-up your wardrobe
  6. Research and act upon creating a more ethical wardrobe


This is the time where you can use your consumer power. Trust me, right now it’s a super power. Use it wisely.


We know those that are most vulnerable to this economic struggle. They are our friends. People we love, respect, and value. They are worth investing into at a time like this.


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