Classic's in Fashion

Have you ever looked back at a picture from 10 years ago and asked yourself, “what in the world was I thinking?” Who am I kidding, we all have! Right? You are lying if you can’t say yes. I know I can say I’ve thought that. Want to know my biggest offensive? You are going to think I’m kidding, and I assure you I am not. I had a mullet. A full-on mullet. And want to know what made it worse? (Yes, there are worse things than a mullet) it was PERMED!!! That’s right. Double offense. I had a permed mullet when I was 6. I guess I can’t take full credit for that one. I’m not sure why my locks had to be subjected to such torment - I blame my mother. But I’m still traumatized. I always will be. But it made me a stronger person to undergo such adversity. So I guess that’s a positive.

Mullet Kate and baby Kimberly

Even though we can all look back on silly hair styles and fashion choices there are still classics that stand the test of time.  When I think of classics I think of old Hollywood favorites like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. These are women with a reputation for being timeless, elegant and stylish. Many of the outfits I see them wearing is something I would love to wear myself. Beautiful silhouettes, lovely necklines and enduring patterns. What makes something a classic and other fashion choices a joke a few years down the road? I believe classics are timeless because of their simplicity. Look at the kind of styles that have stood the test of time; sheath dresses, a good pair of denim, a basic quality T, button up shirts, long coats and many more. These are items that are basic. I don’t mean basic in a plain and boring way. I mean basic in an exciting way - a way that can be diversified with accessories and take on new and thrilling look by adding a statement necklace for example. Think about a quality white T-shirt. Not the throw away kind that will only last a season, but think about a shirt that was worth investing a little more money into. Now lets think about how we can take this, “basic” shirt and make different outfits with it

Plain White T with:
* Tucked into skinny jeans with a animal print belt, ballet flats and a fedora
*Half tuck into cut off shorts with flip flops, bangle bracelets and sunnies
*Tucked into a pencil skirt with wedges and a statement necklace
*Underneath a cardigan with leggings and converse
*Underneath a cargo jacket
*With Dangly earrings to dress it up
*With Studs to dress it down

I could go on and on and on…can you tell I love the basics? And a crisp white T can stand the test of time! Now, don’t get me wrong! When you are into fashion and making a statement with your clothing choices, it’s fun to add some flare with passing trends - I had fringe boots too! But if our closet consists of a majority of the basics that will look good now and 10 years later, we are winning and our kids have less ammo when they are old enough to point out all of our mistakes. So I consider that winning too!

Let’s have fun with fashion! Let’s have fun with our classic pieces and think of all the variations we can come up with. Classic isn’t boring. Classic is beautiful.

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