Capsule Wardrobe = Less Stress

Less stress whilst changing the world? 

Sounds too good to be true right?


One way to do this is through a capsule wardrobe. 


A capsule wardrobe is a journey of getting into a mindset of less and more. Less useless throw away buys (but it was on sale!!!) and more high-quality thought-through pieces that are classic and will last through both time and trend. 


If one can get into this mindset of thinking through which pieces you want and need to curate your perfect closet, then it is easier to research and define to what level of ethical produced you are happy with. 


Capsule wardrobes cut down on stress because you are not looking through ten black shirts (none of which you actually like or fit well) only to slump on your bed with nothing to wear!


You spend less money because you buy one well fitted, high quality, classically styled piece and have it for many seasons to come. This is in place of continuing to buy cheap on sale pieces again and again. 


You will be changing the world because of less waste (throwing away those 10 sad black shirts after a few wears) and through having more intentional focus on your wardrobe you can begin to question who it is that makes your clothes, and what working conditions you feel comfortable paying for. 


Enjoy! Curate! Change the world!


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