Behind the Scenes for the Brookes Collective Photo Shoot

I’ve been running my own photography business for the past seven years or so- getting to photograph big concerts in LA, weddings and in home family sessions— yet getting to photograph this editorial has been one of the highlights of my career.


The adrenaline and excitement I had after two long days of photographing is only explained by the joy it was to get to collaborate with Brooke’s Collective to capture these images!


I met Kim in South Africa about two years ago, because we work for the same non-profit organization, a friendship formed around processing life and being deeply passionate about the thriving of self and others within our immediate and extended communities.

It was no surprise to me that she came excited to my flat one day to share the vision that she and her sister had had for Brooke’s Collective— we poured over vision boards, fabric samples and designs that were full of color and joy. Kim’s journey in the non-profit world aligns so perfectly within a trajectory to find ways to help more and more people think through and address systemic issues in tangible ways.


When people hear that I’m a photographer, I often get questions about what it would be like to be a photographer… what its like to be around models, musicians, and the closest to a couple on their wedding day…

I can say with confidence that not everyone can actually be a photographer, because its not just about being able to know all you can about lighting, posing people and utilizing your creativity— its being able to make people comfortable in front of a camera… which is no easy task…


This photoshoot was different— it was no longer my sole responsibility to get our models comfortable... they just were!

They were comfortable in the clothes because they were flattering fits and colors that brought out their natural beauty…

They were comfortable because the Brooke’s Collective team supporting and encouraging them from behind the scenes…


We had this amazing team of people who believed in the vision so deeply that we spent two days of joy and laughter together, and it was such a gift.


What I found to be unique about this photo shoot, and the vision of Brooke’s Collective, was seeing women confident in themselves, in the source of the clothing they were wearing and how the clothing flattered them.  They also had a team around them to encourage and support them along the way to be the fullness of who they are…

And isn’t that the goal of buying fair trade? To give us all a chance to be the most free version of ourselves?



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