Female Empowerment for the Next Generation

One of the big impacts Kate and I want to have through our company is female empowerment. I know a lot of different people have a different angle when we speak about feminism. Feminism to us is looking at the unjust and unequal treatment of women globally. 

 For 12 years I have worked in the development sector and the old saying is SO true: "you raise up a women, you raise up a community". It is something engineered into women to raise up their family and community right along side them.
Between Kate and myself, we are raising 5 little ladies. They are each so very different! What we want for each of them though is this: be who you were created to be! We want them to live bravely in the direction their life takes them! We as Mothers don't want their life to be perfect (because perfect does not exist). Whether they become doctors, teachers, full-time mamas, entrepreneurs, or rockstars, we want them to live full lives! A big part of what we want to teach them about full lives, is caring about those around us either in our family, community, or the world whose lives are being hindered or exploitation. Globally, the demographic that is most at risk for exploitation and abuse is women.  
So as we look to the future of our company whether it lasts 5 years or 100, we want to know it made change. That includes the little ladies in our life that are our next generation of world changers! 

Below is a little interview of one of those ladies (one of my nieces) that has already been impacted!


Hello, my name is Kindle Thomason and I live in the same little town as Kimberley Brune. I have lived in Muizenberg for a total of four years and before that a total of eight years in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho. If you did the math you would have calculated that I am twelve years old [but I didn’t expect you to do that]. Today I’m here to tell you my point of view of ethical fashion.

I think ethical fashion has a lot to do with fair trade. Such as paying the right prices for raw materials also giving fair wages to people that make or craft the clothes.

Also reduce,reuse and recycle is a big part of ethical fashion to me. Instead of throwing away your old clothes you could donate them to a friend or thrift store\second hand shop.

One of my personal favorites is to host a clothes exchange party. That way you come with your old clothes that your kids have outgrown or the ones that aren’t your favorites anymore, and you come out with preloved clothes that you will love even more. It is a fun type of party for the young and the old.

Also if you want to recycle your clothes some recycling centres actually accept old clothes.

If you buy or own clothes that are fair trade and have been reduced,reused and recycled or any of the above I would say you have some pretty good clothes in your ethical wardrobe.

I think another part of ethical fashion could also not be using some types of fabrics. Such as polyester, polyester is made from non-renewable substances such as oil. Also viscose, viscose is a material made from trees that are causing deforestation. Did you know that one cotton T-shirt uses 3,000 litres of water! How bizarre is that!

Some good fabrics to look for in clothes is hemp, soy silk, cashmere and linen. They are eco friendly and they are very nice fabrics worth buying.

This is my point of view of ethical fashion.

Now, the above is my point of view. In real life I am not the most ethical person. I hope though that over time I will become more ethical in everything I do. I would like to encourage others to become ethical in not just in there clothes, but in there lives, as I want to be.

Just researching about this has made me not only just think about pretty clothes or how certain garments fit on me, but also who they are made by, what are they made of and am I making a difference. I want all of us to think this way when we buy clothes. This will make a difference.

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