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Making beautiful clothes in beautiful ways: 


We speak a lot about fair trade and ethically sourced.


Those are amazing concepts but everyone has a different idea of what that means. We want to share with you how we at Brookes Collective are doing it.


We will share this with you now, but I hope in 6 months, 2 years, 10 years from now we will be able to share with you so much more because how we have learned to value human life and create beautiful pieces has developed in so many variant ways!


As most of you know we are a tiny company just getting off the ground.


We are full of big vision and a lot of hope how we can invite people into changing the world through fashion! That’s why our whole campaign for this coming season is called #chosebeauty

We want beautiful clothes purchased with us to be a part of something much bigger, an invitation into a movement that is valuing human life and uplifting each person involved!


So how have we been doing this?


Step one was building relationship with people we can trust. I (Kimberly) live in Cape Town South Africa. A city that is stunningly beautiful, but with that beauty comes with a lot of crime, poverty, and unemployment. Kate and I both love this city and this country and so decided to start investing into through our fledgling company.


That is when we met Kate (there are a lot of Kate’s in our story) from Sparrow Society. Her vision was to help re-launch manufacturing here in South Africa as it has died off over the last 15 years and left countless people jobless. Her vision goes beyond mere provision of jobs, but she really believes and invests into her people. Kate (my sister and partner Kate) and I knew she was someone we could proudly stand with!


As we got to know Kate and her staff we were head over heels for our new friends! They were fun, generous with their time and laughter, and were willing to work hard to learn the new skills needed to help create our line.


There were extreme high’s and low’s as we were all new to fashion but we persevered.


Our primary focus for this Spring/Summer line has been confidently solidifying the relationships with our manufacturers and seamstresses to make sure that human life was being valued and honored at each step.  


The second step in our plan to bring change to the fashion industry was the education we could provide on social media. We have been working hard to create rich content that provides both styling assistance and educational material to how consumers can be involved in this revolution of change!


What we are currently working on is what kind of packaging we are going to use. We want it to be beautiful, educational, inspiring, and done in a way that is as eco friendly as possibly! Kate (my sister and partner) is working hard on developing what we hope will be a unique and creative display of who we are.


Here in Cape Town I am working on creating relationships with everyone involved in clothe making. From farmers, to spinners, to sales teams, we want to make sure that in our next line our clothe goes to even greater heights in how human life is valued and find out what else we can do to take care of our earth! We are hoping to make 85% of our Winter/Fall line South African cotton grown and spun here! This not only allows us to keep track of how people are being valued, but continues to invest into this country and the people we love!


We have vision for when we grow to expand into other countries, more people we can love and invite into this movement of fashion changing the world and will continue to grow into a company that seeks out how to value humans and take care of our world!


As we continue to seek out new and creative ways to do this we invite you to be a part of the process! We want to hear your ideas and comments!


You are invited to be a part of this grand adventure! Together, let’s change the world!!!



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