25 Days of Outfits with 17 pieces of Clothing

We at Brookes Collective believe in having a closet that can be beautiful as well as sustainable. Meaning we are buying our clothing with a purpose. We have talked a lot about ethical closets and capsule wardrobes in previous posts.  Last week on our Instagram stories, Kimberly gave 5 tips to move forward with this lifestyle.


All of this seems so contrary to what you are being "sold" on a daily basis, right? It's everywhere we turn our heads; we need more. More. More. More. Especially more clothing that fits the current trends. We are here to tell you, we can all do with less. We love fashion; both Kimberly and I love to look nice and fashion is a great way to express your individuality and creativeness. However, I believe styling basic pieces can be unique and exciting - do I sound like a broken record from my previous blog posts? I really do get excited about how many creative ways I can style one piece of clothing. 


I believe it's important to practice what you preach, so I've decided to challenge myself by taking 17 articles of clothing and 5 pairs of shoes and style them differently for 25 days. 

I will use these items - 




These are the 8 main shirts I will be wearing. I will be layering them, styling them and getting a little crazy - just wait for it! 



These are the three sweaters/jackets I will use to add some dimension and more layers to my outfits. And LORD HELP ME if it doesn't get cool enough to wear sweaters, (Texas, your heat is too much). 



Bottoms: One pair of dark blue denim, black denim, black leggings and distressed denim



Shift Dress - So versatile, comfy and basic. I'm in love with the options this dress gives me. 



Romper/Jumpsuit - this piece is basic because it is all black and a very simple design, but this is not ultra versatile. I love it anyway and I believe every wardrobe needs something fun and a little different to keep you interested. This is my interest piece that I picked for the next 25 days. I only scheduled myself to wear it twice so my outfits could stay unique, but I didn't want to leave it out because I like what it adds to a collection. 


Here are the rules:

  • I've already mapped out my next 25 outfits! That makes life a little easier already!
  • I will wear each outfit only one time
  • I will style my little heart out and explain why I put together each outfit on a story on the Brookes Collective instagram - follow us! I will also post a follow up blog with the completed outfits
  • I will be answering every question/comment along the way - so ask away! Do you like the outfit I put together? What would you do different? Does the outfit look too redundant? Let me know!


And that's it! Simple, right? I hope you learn something while you join me on this journey!  #welcometothemovement


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  • What a cool idea!! Can’t wait to see how you put it together!!


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