One Shirt Five Ways

We have been talking quite a bit about capsule wardrobes and slow fashion on the blog and on Instagram. This means we have less items in our closet and the items we have are quality pieces. I, like many of you, love fashion. I love variety and I love staying on trend. Someone who loves to stay current might not sound like the perfect candidate for a capsule wardrobe, but the fact is, there's a lot of power in accessories! I am here to show you how one basic black top can be worn five different ways. 

The Look: Dressy-Casual
The Place: Out to lunch, School meeting 
The Accessories: The top opens wide at the neckline so I wanted to wear a statement necklace that fills the space. I am Wearing a leopard print belt to add a splash of print as well as texture and booties that tie in with the color scheme of the belt as well as add a casual look to the outfit. 
The Look: Dressy
The Place: Date Night, Girls Night 
The Accessories: I like the top tucked into the skirt to show the waistline but it gives the look a boxy feel. I added a chunky pendent necklace to add some interest and dimension to the outfit. One thing I learned from all of my years working retail is you must have at least three pieces - top, bottoms, belt, necklace, scarf...choose at least three (and please always include a top and bottom, lol). This outfit needed the heavy necklace to break up the color block. The heels I am wearing are EXTRA as my friend's teenager would put it. They are high and so cute, but not for everyday - at least not for me. The give this look the added, "umph" to make it date night approved.   
The Look: Business-Dressy 
The Place: Business Meeting, Girls Night Out 
The Accessories: This look is an easy transition from the one above. All I switched out were the jeans and belt, but it's a big difference! This outfit is work appropriate, (depending on your place of work, obviously), and professional. The dark denim gives it a dressed up look and the heels take it next level. I've tucked the front in to show the waist line but allowed the back to stay untucked. 
The Look: Casual 
The Place: School Pick-up, Park days, Running Errands 
The Accessories: I love the easy but put together feel from this look. The plaid shirt around the waist, distressed jeans and choker give this outfit an easy but slightly edgy feel. The wedges and top keep it looking put together. I am a sucker for plaid and love it even when it's tied around my waist. And I love feeling put together even on my causal days!  
The Look: Casual  
The Place: Brunch, Errands, Sitting in the Coffee Shop 
The Accessories: What screams, "fall" more than a cozy scarf? I love patterns and textures but a nice solid print is so versatile! This outfit makes me want to go to a coffee shop with a good book - and I don't even drink coffee! You will see that I love to add my color and textures with my accessories, so the black and black gives me the simple palate that I crave. I added statement earrings, a loud bracelet and leopard print shoes to make the outfit stand out and create interest. 

I love to choose color palates that are muted such as black, grey and navy because I find them to be the most versatile, but everyone is different! And if your favorite color is bright pink, then let your, "go-to" shirt be pink and work your accessories around them! 

Jewelry is such a crucial part in finding variety in our styling. I am linking several jewelry companies that are beautiful and have a mission behind them; 



I hope this has inspired you to look in your closet and see how you can make your clothes versatile! Let us know what your favorite, "go-to" piece is and how you style it in different ways! Take a picture, post it to instagram, tag us and hashtag, #choosebeauty because it's beautiful to make fashion slow! 

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